red body
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Harmony can be found within chaos, and systems within a maelstrom of mass media. The brain has an incredible capability of sorting through the massive amounts of sensory information thrown our way at any given moment. How does the brain decide what is important to our body's overall experience of that moment, and how does it filter out unnecessary information? How does this neurological process change when faced with the tantalizing distractions of technology? And how does this system of information filtration impact the human condition on a macro level? 

My work has focused on that moment where every sense of the body is overwhelmed with information. These moments are most tangible when surrounded by a bombardment of pop culture. Flashy advertisements, glossy billboards, perfect bodies, bold text, booming bass, hectic pace. Likened to that classic moment where one is immersed in the center of a metropolis, these layers of information have the ability to overwhelm, and even overtake, one's sense of self for a moment. I am drawn to these images from the bombardment, and how they can be recontextualized and processed in the same manner the human brain might process this flood of information.  My artistic process is synonymous with this manner in which the human body takes an overwhelming amount of seneory input, and reconciles it into a single experience. I work in visual layers that may come from fashion editorials, pop culture magazines, online sources, or images I have taken of my time living in New York City. These images are then passed through multiple iterations of digital manipulation, collage, painting, and photography. This mixed media process takes that original image, and alters it via multiple layers that may distort, obscure, uncover, and edit that initial image to the point where it is abstracted, and in a sense, transformed into a minimalist form. The final product has gone through the process of negotiating the similarities and disparities of underlying layers and the hidden systems and parallels that connect these chaotic images are unveiled.