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Moda Training is a personal training studio located in New Canaan, CT. Moda training offers a wide range of programs including classes, group and private training, corporate fitness workshops and classes, and also caters to home clients.

I designed this website with concepts of navigability and minimalism in mind. The color palette is largely monochromatic, with hints of muted pinks. I also created the company's logo, which is loosely based off of the idea of a ying and yang symbol, signifying the balance that can be achieve through an active and healthy lifestyle.  


Chilton & Chadwick is an international real estate team with unique partnerships with exclusive art dealers, yacht charting services and household staffing companies.


I worked within Chilton & Chadwick's art division, helping revamp this sector's online and local presence. Some of the social media and web design projects I worked on included creating an Instagram page, a Facebook page, an online boutique page, a blog connected to the company's main website, and multiple pieces of marketing material.  


Marketing Material 

Marjorie Guyon's work is mixed-media collage-paintings featuring textured layers comprised up of marble dust and glazed pigments made from ground earth and jewels from all over the world. Her work is described as ‘Contemporary Ancient’, exuding a sense of a distant era, reinterpreted in modern means.


I helped Guyon develop a portfolio and designined booklets, briefs for upcoming projects, and a portion of her online presence. 

Marketing Booklet for Marjorie Guyon


Vanessa Smith is a native Californian, who graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Urban Design. She has painted and worked in film in India, Nepal, England, and the United States for the past 25 years.


A project of great importance to her - The Art of Impermanence - took her ten years to complete and grew out of her Master’s thesis at Columbia University. 

Electronic Press Kit

Curtis Instruments, Inc., is a corporation that designs innovative vehicle and battery instrumentation. This works closely with the electric vehicle sector, providing quality electrical performance products. 

My work with Curtis Instruments involves re-designing existing web content. The goals of my web design work with Curtis is to providing viewers with innovative and professional graphics, as well as translate complex engineering products into digestible content.